Sunday, July 20, 2008


Just two days ago, my whole afternoon was occupied with reorganizing my plants at home. Talking about plants...I just love them. Despite of the different types of plants, I just love taking care of it and looking at it especially those that I've grown myself. The idea of getting into 'gardening career' appeared when my life was full of 'busi-ness' at the office. I was desperately in need of a 'hobby' that will divert my attention at work to something else that is more 'alive'...more meaningful and that could touches my heart. "Get dirty and enjoy!" After several months (6+ month) I've planted more than 10 species of plants ranging from vegetables-based, fruit-based, fern, flowery, and grasses...well there are two types of grass occupying my front and back yard. The buffalo grass and the carpet grass. I really appreciate the plant-job very much. It is so much of relief whenever I reach home every day after work. Looking at the growing plants and trees around the house. My children appreciate it too. They are also involved in the plant-job...oftenly trying to get hold on to my planting scissors and cutters!! But Nadhrah really like the hibiscus, portulaca and jasmine flowers that I grow...not forgetting my plumeria rubera...they have such wonderful bright 'whitish' and 'pink-ish' color. I always get so excited whenever Nadhrah come running to me to let me know that my flowers are blooming every time she sees new flowers coming out. She will then touches the blooming flower and talks to it...yes.. giving 'advices' to the plants to stay healthy and I always do during my regular visits around the house.

I am still an amateur yet gardening is a hobby that I am getting on quite seriously. I will load up a few photos of the flowers that I plant in my future posting.


I am so busy with work actually. I forced myself to at least write something here. Nothing interesting have happened, it is just that time was so tight that I need to get out of from my hectic 'world' for a while. My eldest son is getting smarter nowadays....I mean really smart. His conversation skill has improved so as his vocabulary. Psychologically he learnt a lot from husband and his surroundings. He knows how to joke around with us already. He grows...
My dearie daughter has got her routine exercised quite well lately...patching her eyes for an hour everyday till her next appointment with Dr Noraini Nadior. Yes, she underwent an eye surgery to fix her right eye squint. She's getting better and... naugthier... I guess due to the right eye that was fixed and that she could 'see' the world around her in a more meaningful way...that is why she is really so excited about it.
Haikal, our little one, at 32 months old...has learnt a lot from the bro and the sis. He would do almost every single thing that his bro and sis do. Well he has got his own 'mentor' and would not listen to his mother and father that much. One great thing I notice lately is that at his very young age (2+ year old), he manages to balance his behavior ethically. He knows which is bad thing and good thing to do. And everytime he made a mistake, he withdraws himself slowly and acts as if nothing happens. We would tell him to say sorry later of course! And every time he will do something nice, he will let us know about it...cute.
I am updating my space (I call my blog as 'my space') at the office actually. It is a public holiday and there are few things that I need to catch up before tomorrow. So I guess I'd better get out from here and get things together on my desk .
I hope I can write more after this.