Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today, 28th of November is the birthday of dearest husband, Haswadi Yusof... first time after 8 years, he is away from us on his birthday. I remember buying birthday cake for him every year...but this time around unfortunately I'll just buy for the kids and myself... Dear Haswadi, you are another year older! May ALLAH blesses all your undertakings, may you have better health, safe and happy there. Since you are not going to be around, presenting your birthday cake for this year...virtually dear! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! When you come back...I'll get you the real one okay.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well...what should I say....the facebook really gets me glued at this computer chair!
Even I have like 5 minutes to spare....facebook!!!
Even when the kiddos are at their 'high-time'...facebook
what more...when they are fast asleep and the world is so peaceful and calm...FACEBOOOK!!!
I am expanding the friends list at facebook...tracking down old-time high previous workplaces...and the rests...not forgetting my students too.
50 is still a small number to many...but to me... with only less than two awe'some'!
And of course when Haswadi move to the new apartment at Jubail City this Thursday (yes dear?)...he'll be able to get me here...or the facebook!!!
okay...okay...I will be so busy then...of course...I should come out with more plans for the kiddos..."okay, sorry!...ummi has to finish up a few things here!".... "get busy and behave guys!"
I just knew the kiddos won't take it this time..."ummi always have 'things' to finish up!??" what could it be this time? hahahaaaa...gotcha!
Sorry... I am having some short 'mental-dialogues' with myself...when you become the mother to three small kids... like mine ... you'll have to have this 'mental-dialogue' are smarter now... thanks to the TV! urghhhh!... So to be prepared, always take time doing your "mental-dialogues"...when doing the dishes is a good time! Just to be prepared!
And while I'm writing down this...they are just a few metres away from the lappy...jumping up and down the bed and yelling here and there! But..norma be smart...calm down...don't yell at them...just let them long as they are happy and safe! should be fine...
So tomorrow I should be going to the office again...and hopefully everything for the meeting will be completed by tomorrow...and I am sure Dr Baharom is going to take care of it really well...he is the sifu maaa!
Oh... I am going to miss all those wonderful times at the campus...I mean the office...the students, the staffs, my dearest friends whom I just love to be around with...
Dungun is really a place that I would miss a lot soon... and I just wonder whether I will be back at Dungun?? With ALLAh's will, we'll meet again...Ameen...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It is almost 3 in the morning...and I am still up!

It is in the blood already...when I am tired or fatigue even worst...I could not sleep...why?? Like I is in the blood already! The more my body is weak out of hectic errands of the eyes just stay wide open...
Today, I just had a few slices of bread for breakfast, lunch and two Oreos for dinner! The day is so tiresome...I had to rush here and there, getting the car battery replaced, out for some groceries, went to the computer shop to get my D-Link function again!..came back home...ohhhh forgot the rubbish...went out again.
The kids? There were just playin usual! Tagged me along the whole day! Haikal ended up fell asleep at an odd hour ... tired too I guess!
Luthfil as usual...only sleeps at night...again let me eldest son ONLY sleeps at night! No morning-nap, or afternoon-nap for this little guy...ONLY AT NIGHT! I always story him about the benefits of taking a nap during the day...To him sleeping during the day "tak bagus ummi...", "nanti luthfil letih....." ye la tu!
I cooked them "sup ketam" today...Luthfil's favorite! Nadhrah is okay with it...loves it tooo,"apa tu ummi?" "Ketam!" Tak nak!..."Okay! Ikan ada...."
Late afternoon...Luthfil is already asking.."esok masak ape ummi?" "Ehmmm...tak fikir lagi la"
Just wait and see what will be in the pot ye Luthfil...
Tomorrow will be another hectic day for me...why? The car-starter need to be serviced and need to check the dynamo tooo...aiyooo apa benda la ni...buat je...asal kereta okay!
Till then!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NORMA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?? uhuhukkk kasi chance few last moments at UiTM!

what are you writing norma? resignation letter ke?
still jotting down a few things to do after this...
a smile of 'victory!'
For the past few days I was at work....what? Is your ankle alright already? Yes, alhamdulillah I can walk again...but of course a little bit slower than before...a little bit more careful this time!
The first day I climbed up the stairs...took ages to reach to the second floor (my previous office room). Now I have moved to the first floor the new office room, just for temporary, because very soon the new office room will be occupied by the new coordinator. However, I managed to get a few snapshots of the new room which I arranged and organized for the past few days...
It is so important that I capture the moments before I am off to KSA...InsyaAllah.
To the new coordinator...take a good care of the room because it belongs to B. OSM program now!
After two years struggling to get the coordinator's room for the program, I managed to get one. Thank you to the TPHEA for granting us the new room. Although I will no longer be the coordinator, but I am so much relief because B. OSM is now 'well-established' in its new 'environment' ... sigh!...for long the program stays alive and growing...InsyaAllah.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I am on a 'fever' now...oh this 'facebook' thing really helpful... It is so like down the memory lane and events of the pasts 'pop' out of my head just like that. It so good to 'see' my long-time-no-see friends especially from the school years. I hope I managed to get in touch with the rests soon. Not forgetting during the ITM years! You guys just so wonderful.
I am just nobody but someone with all the memoirs of all the encounters. When I go back to my hometown in Sentul especially when passing by at the Sekolah Menengah Convent Sentul...I will always... without fail! take a glimpse at it thinking that my eyes would fall on someone just somebody that I've known...
Know what...this name 'Thavamalar' remains fresh in my I wish I get to know how she's like now... Oh I always enjoy talking to her with all her stories with her dialect and stuff!
Another friend of mine Christina Paul Raj...where are you girl?
Anyone heard about Christina Lee May Kuan. She lived in Kepong last time. I still can recall her face. We were together since primary school. I know her mother well too because she used to wait at the school gate (Convent primary)everyday and whenever I was on duty (was a prefect!) at the gate, her mother would come to me and ask for her. The last time I saw Christina was when she appeared in The Stars many many years ago...I could not remember what year...she was suffering leukimia... and her article was about how she tried to get people to help her out something like that... I did contacted The Stars editorial and managed to get her number... I tried to call her up and no one answered?? I hope she is fine now... If anyone of you out there happens to know what happens to her now...please please let me an update will ya!
What else?? Ehmmm... I am also looking for Jazila Jailer...Beryl would remember her well..she sang well and used to perform in the school concerts. But she left Convent Sentul before form five, because the parents moved to another state/city??
I still do remember Siti Aida Yusof...the last time met her at Norhani Etty's wedding in Gombak..
Azura...the netball idea where she is?
And know what, I've heard a news years back about one of the 'Mrs Gomez' teacher who had passed away... teacher at the Convent primary school...we had V. Gomez and another one Gomez...don't know which Gomez actually.
These are just some 20 years back of memories that I still keep, visually, luckily my brain works really well at this.
till then...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


It is raining heavily outside..and the time is 11.36p.m. The children have gone to sleep and I am on my computer posting blog entries after a few days off from it.
Haswadi is already away...he sounds very happy over there despite some 'teenee-weenee' little things which are not up to his expectation. We have been 'sms-ing' so plenty times since he left. Of course there are a lot of new things to he's got a lot of stories...
As for far quite okay, even though I still feel a little pain at the ankle due to plenty of movements that I've made these few days. But I am on some tradtional should be alright, InsyaAllah.
Life now .. the kids sometimes are O.K and at other times are K.O... sabar banyak-banyak aje ni. Kerenah anak-anak yg kadangkala menghiburkan dan boleh jadi mengecewakan!
Counting days??? Yes, I am also counting days to be together with Haswadi or should I say counting days Haswadi will be with all of us (sounds better!) Till then there are just so many things that I am waiting for right now, the approval of my CTG (cuti tanpa gaji) from UiTM Dungun and UiTM Malaysia (HQ). Another thing that I am eager is to know who would be the new coordinator for the B. OSM program.
Anyhow the rain is still pouring outside...the night is getting deeper and darker..
Tomorrow will just be another day ... another usual day for us. Since it has been raining quite a while here in Dungun, I have had no plan or anything for the kids other than watching TV together whenever I have free time... or shall I finish up my story books and let the kids enjoy doing whatever they plan to do tomorrow.
I have my plan too actually. I would love to replace the living room curtain before the Aidiladha.. that means I have to go out and shop!...with the kids? for curtains?? No way!.. I'll have to get the tailor to the house and 'shop' from home..


I have moved out from my office room BP29 to KP16 (temporarily) until I am exactly off to KSA.
Today is a hectic day for me, luckily 7 students cared to give their helping hands...
Thank you to Shikin, Natasha, Sufiatul, Farohah, Noormy, Nik and Ruby..for spending the whole morning till afternoon moving out things from my room to the new room...and organizing them too. Thanks to Noormy who had set up the PC and other connections required.
Today will be a history for me coz I am letting go off my office room(BP29)...for good. At the same time the new office room(KP16) will be given to the new coordinator ...that'll take a week or two from today to get things organized a little bit.
InsyaAllah I will make the room ready for Dr Baharom before the exam meeting, which will be held at the end of the month...and after that I will hand over the room to him.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Nadhrah fell asleep after the 'accident'
Haikal wanted to show his bruised lips too...
In this special entry I will story about the kids punya hal...especially when the abah is not around... It is a way to let the father knows what is going on with us here back home...
Don't worry honey...we are OKAY!!
Last night, Luthfil and Haikal bergurau and accidentally Haikal fell on himself. His upper left lip is swollen... he cried and cried until Luthfil really feel guilty... I just let them be...coz if I interrupt the 'fight' it will become worse and Haikal will non-stop crying... after a few minutes he stopped crying and back on his feet again... okay je lari-lari lepas tu dengan bibir yang bengkak...hemmm tak sakit ke??
Today story is more interesting...Nadhrah fell from the big blue chair dalam bilik ni because she stood on the wheel of the chair and slipped...her bottom left cheek just a few cm from the chin bengkak and almost bercalar dah pipi gebu dia tu....nangis sakan anak dara tu dengan air mata yang mencurah macam air hujan yg first she was so scared to let me see the wound....after showing her the new massage cream I bought at Healin this morning...she slowly let her fingers down and tadaaaa...a 2 inches very red scratch...ouchhhh is so painful I said...and she cried more and more...oh my! quickly applied the Healin cream...and I told her to go to sleep...

This morning Zainal Amir came to the house...very early like 8.30 in the I asked him whether he can take care of the kids for about 2 hr because I wanted to go out to get some medication for my swollen ankle that I getting worse...I mean it swells and keep on swelling...still I can walk, just that it swells...and painful a little bit...

So I rushed out to Dungun and wanted to buy a few items...but ended up bought groceries stuffs as well. Bukan senang nak ambil peluang keluar sorang-sorang since Amir ada kat rumah...dapat cari a few things more.

Monday, November 10, 2008

10th of NOVEMBER 2008

Today is the day my dearest husband, Haswadi Yusof leaves for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He departed from KLIA at 10.40 in the morning.
May ALLAH always with you and may you have a safe and pleasant journey.
We really hope that you will be okay there and get things together easily, happily and safely.
Take a good care of your health, your work and other activities that you may encounter there.
Remember us always and we are going to miss you darn...a lot!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

READ THIS...part 2

My next sinopsis from the La Tahzan is 'RINDU'...
Hati-hatilah anda terhadap perasaan rindu, sebab ia boleh menimbulkan kecemasan dan kesedihan yang berlanjutan. Termasuk kebahagiaan seorang muslim adalah jauh dari ratapan para penyair, ungkapan kesedihan mereka, ungkapan kerinduan mereka dan jauh dari pengaduan mereka atas putusnya, terjalinnya atau terkandansnya hubungan mereka dengan kekasih mereka; sebaFont sizeb itu semua termasuk penyebab kegelisahan hati:
"Pernahkah kalian memperhatikan orang yang menjadikan hawa nafsunya sebagai Tuhannya dan Allah membiarkannya sesat berdasarkan ilmuNya dan mengunci mati pendengaran dan hatinya serta meletakkan tutup pada penglihatannya (sehingga dia buta terhadap kebenaran...)" (Al-Jaatsiyah: 23)
Ada seorang penyair dari Andalusia yang bangga dengan ratapannya. Ia berkata:
Banyak manusia meratap
kerana pahitnya perpisahan
Setiap orang ketika hidup dan setelah mati
dihantui perasaan sedih
Adapan aku..kalaupun semua tulang rusukku sampai disatukan sesungguhnya aku
belum pernah melihat dan mendengar semua itu
Seandainya rongga dada seorang itu diliputi taqwa dan zikir, dan jiwanya adalah jiwa yang dekat kepada Tuhannya, nescaya ia akan sampai pada kebenaran, akan mengetahui dalil, akan mendapat petunjuk dan akan menempuh jalan yang lurus.
"Jika kamu ditimpa godaan syaitan, maka mohonlah perlindungan kepada Allah..." (Al A'raf: 200)
Di antara faktor penyebab kerinduan yang membara sebagai berikut:
1. Kosongnya hati dari rasa cinta kepada Allah SWT, zikir kepadaNya, syukur atas nikmatNya dan dari ibadah kepadaNya.
2. Sikap meliarkan pandangan mata, sebab pandangan mata yang liar boleh menimbulkan kesedihan dan kecemasan dalam hati.
3. Sedikitnya bahagian ibadah, berzikir, berdoa dan bersolat sunat.
Penawar kerinduan yang membara:
1. Menyibukkan diri dengan beribadah kepada Allah dan memohon kesembuhan dan kesihatan kepadaNya.
2. Menjaga pandangan mata dan kemaluan... (An Nur: 30) (Al Mu'minun: 5)
3. Meninggalkan tempat di mana orang yang dirindukan berada dan menghindarkan diri dari mengingatnya.
4. Menyibukkan diri dengan amal soleh

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Bersama pengantin baru, dari kiri Haswadi, Luthfil, Hisham (pengantin) dan Zaid
Di lobi hotel Riverside, Kota Bharu (alamak...tongkat pun enter-frame la)

Memory Lane...Haswadi and anak-anak depan pintu sekolah lamanya...nostalgia ye bang.

Jangan sedih nak ke Arab tu...sekolah tu tetap kat situ bang...kita tetap balik setahun sekali..


Luthfil's final moment with the car!



Today is the last day of 'our' life together. After more than 3 years for both of us... i'll have to let it go somehow. There'll be no more the 'big-black-car' Mr Gopala used to call it... yes it is my Innova which is sold to another driver. Haswadi is leaving this Sunday and it is about the right time to settle everything like letting go of the car. The photo above taken just a few minutes before the new driver of the car came to pick it up. Sedih dan sayu hati ini apabila melepaskan 'ia' pergi. Since Innova ni dibawa saya hampir setiap hari ke tempat kerja dan sekitar Dungun nih, so saya memang jaga 'dia' dengan baik... Tapi apa kan daya sudah suratan terpaksa merelakan 'dia' dipandu orang lain...
Banyak tempat kami dah pergi dengan Innova ni. So the car has its sentimental value to us especially to me...