Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I am a lecturer. That is what I do...for a living. A career that never came across my mind before...not even when I was small during the old school days. But I do love my teachers a lot and their faces vividly appears in my vision while I am writing down this. But never...never thought of becoming one...or like one.
Why do I become so memorable of the pasts?? Sometimes I can get sentimental know...when you reach a higher level of maturity and experience views of lives (older!) you will tend to get sentimental of the pasts.
For the record I can list down names of my teachers since Year 1. I'd rather not disclose the name of my school at the moment...later may be...

  1. Year 1: Sister Theresa (very sweet lady, even my mother loves her)
  2. Year 2: Cikgu Fuziah (we were on the same school bus everyday)
  3. Year 3: Cikgu Siti Norhayati (taught Maths)
  4. Year 4: Cikgu Khalijah (harsh voice)
  5. Year 5: Cikgu Safiah (she rubs her nose most of the times, sinus maybe)
  6. Year 6: Cikgu Noraini (lived in Gombak, once went to her house for Raya)

And of course before I forget all of my good friends in those days...let me list them down:

  • G. Nanam (curly hair always with a small pin on her hair...left side)
  • Nazreen Begum (last time I heard you are in Johor...)
  • Suhaila Rusman (got married right after SPM and she used to like singing a lot)
  • Suhaila Sulaiman (small eyes with a great smile)
  • Loke Siew Wan (shy girl)
  • Khan Fei Choo (where in the world are you??)
  • Beryl Anne Tan Su Mei (a deejay at PJ)
  • Siti Aida (cute)
  • Jazila Jailer (sang well)
  • Premalatha Devi & Prabha Giri Devi (the twins)
  • Wong Oi Loon (she went to Canada...migrated)
  • Thavamalar (girl with a gangster i.d...just kidding T)
  • Yap Mei Lee (sprinter of the school)
  • Wan Wai Yee (Head Prefect)
  • Marion Priscilla (Lady D's hairstyle)
  • Patricia Sandra Paul (last time heard about her, a stewardess at the Air Pacific(?))
  • Harmeet Kaur (she's a doctor now)
  • Sylvia Sivasalam (her mother was also a teacher in the same school)

I could go on and on and on on the list...but I'll add more later in my future postings especially those during the secondary school.


Nazreen Begum said...

Hey NJ...I could still spell out your name. I heard you were in the east coast. you look different with the hairdo. How do you know I was last in johor? :). Anyway, Im still in contact with G..And we spoke about you :).