Thursday, March 1, 2012


Two days ago Nadhrah, my 9-year old daughter gave me a poem she has written a few days back.  Only now that I have the time to share it in this blog.  Pardon her grammatical error as I did not even correct any of the mistake I found in her writing...I wanted it to be pure and it goes:

A life about us
One day we could tell what we know about our life
Life could be easy or hard just do what you start.
You feel your life in the easy, but it could be hard.
You've become a twinkle shiny stars.
On the way it could change.
And do what it say.
You had a beautiful day.
                                                      And thats the end.

I do not know what she has had in her mind, and I never wanted to ask at this moment.  One day I'll share what she meant :-)