Tuesday, October 23, 2012


When was the last time you visited Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)??  Or have you ever been there?  For some of us, maybe the only visit was many many years ago during our school trip.  You may want to visit at least once in your lifetime!

The last  time Haswadi and me have been to Bank Negara Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur was during our last year's Eid vacation to Malaysia.  We went there for one particular reason...checking our assets and liabilities!!!

A friend reminded us that it would be necessary if we could go to the BNM and have all our financial records and financial history revealed.  At first the word assets and liabilities have deprived our eagerness to go, as we both know that we do not have that much of assets other than a house and a couple of lands we purchased in Dungun.  What concerned us back then was the liability! However eventually those liabilities will turn into our assets though..
I am not sure you may get the service online because it requires you to physically scan your thumb print prior to accessing and printing out the record. Every transaction was self-serviced as you don't want other people to know how much you owed don't you?

Not only getting your record printed out, there are a few other services available at the center.  There is a money changer counter and also a counter for you to exchange damaged ringgit notes...if you have it.  So the next time you plan to visit BNM customer center, don't forget to bring along all your torn and worn ringgit notes you might get from the mamak stalls or Kedai Runcit Bakar. There were also some other financial-based information displayed for public view.

So for those who are planning to work abroad or leaving the country temporarily, you might want to pay a visit at BNM and have your financial record printed out. It would be a good start for you to plan and control your own financial situation.  With the money that you might be getting, will you be able to spend more and economize some for later use or to spare more than to spend???

Our visit was not a bad experience after all...in fact we enjoyed it so much.  Oh yes...Haswadi slept soundly that night..Alhamdulillah ;-)


Neeza Shahril said...

hmmm.. never thought of that. Perhaps, we should pay a visit to BNM also... one fine day... hehee..

nj said...

highly recommend! di situ, kita dapat lihat summary report of all our assets, debts, loans, apa ajalah yang melibatkan kewangan kita, sekurang2nya dapat gambaran sebenar kita ni kayo ke tak kayo....hihihihi