Tuesday, November 13, 2012


In one-week time, the kids' school will be having its International Day.  Like every year, I believed that the International Day is the busiest event for the school, other than the Sports Day and the Science Fair.  Since Al Hussan International has separated sections for both its girls and boys ...every event has to be organized twice!  Hectic!

Anak-anak Norma berada di kedua-dua sections, two in boy's and Nadhrah in the girl's section.  The condition is different though, mothers can attend all events at both sections unlike fathers, can only present at events in the boys' section.

Since two-weeks ago, ummi and abah were the busiest bees in the house.  We had 'meetings' almost everyday with the kids on the event preparation with three different countries, Luthfil is 'touring' India, Haikal will be 'going' to Egypt, and Nadhrah is in a 'balik kampung' mood...Malaysia!

Jangan tak tahu... Kalau anak-anak perlu siapkan negara lain, senang sikit kerja kami kerana those students originate from that particular country will have to do more I supposed.  When it comes to Nadhrah's turn...kalau bukan kami sendiri yang prepare...siapa pulak nak prepare pasal negara kami ya?? huhuhu.  Luckily, we have two more Malaysian students in her class.  Their mothers are so helpful and supportive. 

We have brainstormed some ideas and have made several visits to shops especially JARIR Bookstores and a few stationary shops looking for materials needed for all the countries.  So far, abah is helping Haikal with his pyramid model...ada kat luar rumah tu, sedang dikeringkan selepas beberapa kali abah paint-sprayed the styrofoam.  Tinggal sedikit touch-up on the outer layer of the pyramid, Haikal's preparation is done.  And as usual, ummi has to prepare the write-ups about it.

For India, we are  going to display the Indian-originated Spices!  And the posters will be using the real spices packed in small transparent plastic bag and glued on the posters, with details.  How cool is that? 

Actually ummi yang punya idea sebab dah agak bosan menyediakan benda-benda yang sama setiap kali ada tugasan International Day...  This time, I strongly pointed my desire to do something different...no more maps, interesting places, Taj Mahal and stuffs.  I want Luthfil to talk about the spices!  So minggu ni Luthfil kena kenal dan hafal all the spices; cardamom, clove, fenugreek etc., in case ada visitors during the event yang bertanya details about the spices.

Bunga raya daripada 'gold-dust'...glued on the board..cantik gak buat hiasan dinding rumah ni...hihihi.
Pyramid separa siap, actual pyramid is reaching to 140 meters of height or at least 400 feet high!...dan details about Indian spices...bersepah atas meja...sabar je la.
 Kerja-kerja menyiapkan sedang berlangsung...
Fenugreek...atau halba.  Sedap buat nasi dagang ni.  Rupanya, India merupakan negara pengeluar terbesar halba di dunia!