Thursday, August 28, 2008


I've always wanted to have this kind of picture in my space here, found it and it is so amazing I thought. A garden I've long dreamt of. Was so close to setting up one...till 1st of August came...and almost erased it from my mind...
By the way, like I wrote before that I would finish reading the Harper Lee's greatest American Literature, "To Kill A Mockingbird"...and yes finally I did it this morning, after almost three-days. The childhhood events storied in that book were adventerous. It is a story of a Finch family down in Maycomb County, Alabama, the two main children characters in the story, Jeremy and Jean, brother and sister along with their lawyer father and their life, encounters, conflicts, laughter, sadness, human dignity lie perfectly in the rest of the story. Somehow, I thought Jem (Jeremy) was a lot like my husband's character when he was small (I strongly believe...knowing him!!). He would be the Jeremy type, tactical, determined, a little bit selfish at times, just a cynical of him...
And then this Jean or her nickname Scout the little sister, well she was the one who narrated the whole story. And there's Dill, the 'pusher' type of friend they had. The adventure, started when they were so keen to find out about the Radleys, their mysterious neighbour who shut the door all the time, the father only came out at 11.30 in the morning every day...why?? Well you should read them on. A nice book to read to rekindle our childhood memories. Well enough of that Miss Lee's book.
Today, just another day of the other days, the normal days will soon be changed with the arrival of the most awaited month of the year, The Ramadhan Al Mubarak. We will start fasting next Monday here and before soon we'll realized that time passes by very smoothly and fast.
I wanted to start another blog and a Malay version blog with of course different kind of experiences and topics...probably add some .... I do not know...just anything that will be nicely written in Malay.