Friday, April 1, 2011


A day before we could 'climbed' up the Khalifa Tower, we went to Palm Jumeirah. As you can see from the photo above...artificial land/islands are created to form such an amazing landscape. The focal point of the Jumeirah is the ATLANTIS hotel...located at the far end of the 'palm'.
Some photos of the exclusive apartments and villas at the palm. Someone told me that David Beckham owns a villa at the Palm Jumeirah! Pheww...wonder how much does each cost??
Tak dapat menginap kat Atlantis hotel pun tak apa....ambil gambar pun jadile kan... Tengok si Hadeed tu....nak juga merangkak atas rumput. Yang lain-lain tu buat macam rumah sendiri je ye....

There is an ATLANTIS MALL where an aquaria called the Lost Chambers located at. Entry per person is AED100 for an adult, and AED 75 for children from 4 - 12 years of age.
The humongous catfish is from the Caribbean Sea. The jellyfish tu kami lihat macam 3D image je...padahal they are real!!! we just love Nemo!!

That is another giant fish found in the was a great discovery for the kids...a real one. Selalu tonton dalam TV macam tak percaya.... ni dapat lihat dengan jelas.

Haikal is the most happiest kid on earth because for the first time he gets to see a real SHARK!!! (gambar shark tak dapat ambil sebab laju sangat dia bergerak dalam tu...tak sempat nak snap..)

Ikan yang bulat berkilat tu PIRANHA!!! eeee takut!