Sunday, June 24, 2012


Last night unexpectedly I attended a small party with a few Saudi women.  This was not my first, a few times I did managed to mingle in a locally organized women's party here in Jubail.    Last night was just another experience where I got to meet a few local women all with fancied dresses and faces flawlessly touched up with some make-ups...unlike what we usually see in public, the Saudi women will always have abayas over their body and you hardly can look or even stare at their faces because of the 'niqab' (face cover) they would normally put on.

They were a group of one middle-aged mother with two very young beautiful ladies in their 20s, despite of their body sizes whom are a couple of sizes larger than I am and a middle-aged woman with a cute little daughter.  The host was an Indonesian-Saudi woman that I just met.  I wish I could take some photos at the event, but as usual a photo is a no no when you are in the ladies party here in Saudi, it is prohibited to take photos of these Saudi women since they were all are not covered properly when they are amongst ladies only.
We were served with a very generous big plate of rice dish called "masyhol" (hope I spelled it correctly, it was all about phonics pronunciation here in Saudi ...hihihi) that came together with a half of a lamb cooked with a very special curry-like paste and it was so delicious I tell ya.  There were also pasta salad mixed with flat parsley and mayonnaise, chicken samosa, homemade pizza, waraq enab; stuffed rice in vine leaves,  a special gravy made out of mint and coriander and of course canned soft drinks!  A very popular drink served every time with meals here in water or hot tea, mind you....hikksss.  Those food were plentiful for the six of us...Alhamdulillah.
Later we were served with a fruit cocktail, all fresh and juicy.  There were apples, bananas, pineapples, mangoes and cherries cut into small cube sizes served with a big bowl of cold freshly pureed mango juice.  Yummy!  

I was all tired and full and finally got home at 12.20 midnight.