Monday, February 27, 2012


Ahlan wa Sahlan to our latest edition in the family.

Lutfiah Noorah, a name picked by one Saudi lady I met at Mouwasat Hospital.  Insisted to have a name that starts with an 'N' or 'nun' in Arabic, of the Saudi ladies working at the hospital whom I met at a female waiting room one day, suggested that I name my daughter NOORAH.  The name NOORAH comes from the word 'NUR' which has the meaning of 'light' or 'cahaya'.  Zainab said that Arab women loves the name of NOORAH.  Noorah is a common name amongst the princesses of Arabia...that was what she told me.  Alhamdulillah, all of us agreed on the name, especially Nadhrah...she even kept calling that name before Noorah was born. 

Might as well include Hadeed's latest photos.  He is still the little boy everyone adores in the family, even now that we have Noorah...Hadeed will always be the little cheeky boy...everyone loves u sooo much!!!