Thursday, September 18, 2008


Shikin, my student messaged the other day, "Puan, saya dah buat friendster untuk puan...dalam email nanti puan akan terima info group friendster tu..." Oh my, my blog even is not being decorated nicely and I myself have not master all the skills in blogging, here comes another... So this morning I logged in and saw the email sent by shikin. The group is called Hi5...and I do not know what to do with it so I just filled in the particulars required like name, age, birthdate bla..bla..bla... There are so many features in that space that I do not know where and what o click on first... Shikiiiinn!!! help me out. I must call her up this weekend and get some tutoring from here.

The reason for me telling all this is because to share with you out there about the relationship that I have with my students. When I first joined UiTM as a lecturer. I was merely a lecturer who 'lectures' and 'teaches' the students... However that experiences have changed over the time. When I was appointed to become the Program Coordinator, 2 years all changed. The responsibility and the tasks that were given to me have sort of train me to see things at a different views and perspectives. I regard my students (well, I have about 200 students of the program that need to be taken care of) as customers aka clients who have all the potential to assist me in carrying out my responsibilities and tasks well. It is all about two-way thing between me and the students. I respected them so much that I myself gain the respects from them. I would make it a point to remember the names of all the students, know how they look like and InsyaAllah whenever I see any of them, I will surely know that he or she is my student. As the coordinator I would try my best to help them out in their studies, their academic matters and even their personal problems...Another thing that I make sure I do is that to never missed any program involving the students, be it a field trip, seminar, exhibition or other activities that the students invited me to. As a result, my task get easier with all the cooperation given by the students.

When I had the 'accident' recently, almost all of them came to visit me at the house. Even there were a few who came and visited me at the hospital. That shows how much my students are also concern about me. That is the most happiest thing that ever happens to me. I was so touch and see that everything is coming back to me now...just like Celine Dion's hit many years ago "It's All Coming Back". It is not that I am expecting anything in return, it is just how ALLAH swt has put things in its proper way. It shows how much my students are also concern about me and this is the time (the mishap) has resulted some gifts from ALLAH swt. Syukran...

So, that is basically how the 'wheel of fortune' works and truly, I feel so much blessed due to the mishap. A blessing in disguise like a few of my friends have mentioned it to me. Yes and Alhamdulillah, it is a blessing...and not in disguise anymore, it is so clear to me now!