Monday, September 8, 2008



Know what?? It has been like 3 - 4 months that I've been involved in reading blogs.... I do enjoy reading those interesting and creative blogs of others. There is something 'big' that's going to happen to me and my family very soon. Because of that 'big' thing, I've had myself indulged in blogging activities, may it be reading other people's blog or writing in my own space. There are a lot of techniques that I should learn to 'decorate' my space here. It is kinda dull and boring huh?? Anyway, I'll try to put more things here, InsyaAllah.

My husband once asked me how come my own photo is not up in my blog. "One day day, when I have the guts to," I told him. So far I've had the photos of my three adorable children...what a try yeah...A mother with too many tricks... But it came out well and close to perfect. I cropped the photos myself from the CD and upload those in my blog.

If anyone happens to glimpse over my blog, you guys can see that I love flowers...ha ..ha...ha, for the first thought...let me remind you..."I am not 'minah bunga ...but there is a reason why flowers are shattering in this blog.

When I started blogging was when at the same time I extremely devoted my free time gardening at home. And then it just goes on and on and on...till last August when I had the 'accident' that changed my now I could not do gardening at all for at least another 2 months... So what can I do now?? Blogging!..


Neeza Shahril said...

sorry to hear about the 'accident'. Hopefully you'll get well soon.

About the question, kalau nak tanya boleh email ke ya. Salam perkenalan :)

nj said...

alamak...dah tengok blog norma eh...malu la...ntah apa-apa berbanding banyak lagi blog menarik kat luar tu kan? Anyway thank you for dropping by...