Monday, October 27, 2008



I have written some time ago about a big thing that is going to happen to our family...well..the 'big' thing is just in two weeks time! My dearest husband, Haswadi is leaving for Al Jubail, KSA soon very soon. His flight scheduled on the 10th of November. It means that he's going to 'leave' us temporarily...hopefully, may ALLAH blesses us and all preparation going on smoothly here in Malaysia as well as at the kingdom.
Here are a few things that we have been doing and completing lately before Haswadi leaves:

1. Medical check up for the kids and myself at expenses RM1016.00 (one whole day spent at KMC!)

2. Passport for the kids RM450.00 (RM150 (32 pages) for each x 3 children) done at the Jabatan Imigresen Kuantan (spent about 2-3 hours only)

3. Renewal of my passport RM300 (32 pages) at Jabatan Imigresen Dungun...takes only 15 minutes to apply but 7-days to complete!

4. Haswadi bought a new baggage at Parkson Kuantan RM324.00 (size 25 inches).

5. Innova for sale!!! Got a few potential buyer but yet to close a deal....

6. Soon on the 7th of November, Mie-Paka (Haswadi's mother, my mother in law) will organize a 'kenduri' for her beloved her house in Jalan Langsat, Paka. The 'kenduri' will also part of the family gathering that Mie used to organize.. she just love to invite people ...masak-masak and makan-makan...last time boleh gak saya ni 'sengseng' lengan membantu...bila dah patah kaki ni...kesian gak dia ...tapi adik beradik lain ada jugak untuk bantu.

I guess, that was so far the 'things' that have been going on lately that keeps me and the family busy...
Just the last weekend, we went to Kota Bharu, Haswadi's friend's wedding. And due to the extraordinary climate now at the East Coast, everyone of us fell sick... I just got back from the clinic..the last person in the house who fell sick..
Kesian Luthfil demam teruk...a few days already...he said "semua tak selera...tidur tak selera, makan pun tak selera....kalau air batu selera..." clever ha you!
Ni tengah 'weng' sikit kepala...baru makan ubat...sakit urat, sakit tekak dan bisa-bisa badan...pehh sakit tuh...
Takpe nak rest cukup...wait wait...can rest ke? Ohhh tidak!


Ejalz said...

salam NJ, hubby nak kerja dengan O&G kat Jubail ke? why not you try minta kerja kat Univ College Jubail.. sana pun ada female campus.. and I have 2 friends over there.. ehh.. lupa lak nak tanya, you bidang apa ekk? sana ada CS, MIS and English jek rasanya..
jangan risau sangat, insya-allah you'll be happy staying here..