Wednesday, October 15, 2008



It's been quite a while since the last entry but there are a lot of things going on for the past week!:

1. Nadhrah's birthday on the 9th
2. A few groups of students came by and visit for raya..OMB3OA(9 of them), the part 7 students (6 of them), and most recent the OMB6OA (22 of them).
3. My husband has got the flight schedule already by the ThinkPlus'll be on the 9th of November...when is that?? like in 20 more days from today!..he is supposed to be leaving the country at the end of november, however it has been carried forward a little bit earlier...
4. And the big event would be the farewell gathering for my husband that we had in Hutan Lipur Cemerong on the 11th of October...we had so much fun there...the kids especially. Thanks to the Inspection Department at PPTSB, Kerteh for organizing such a wonderful event for everybody, especially for my husband...