Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Alhamdulillah .. finally...I get to access my blog after trying so hard for it for so many days.  Wonder how the network connection works??  I could not access any other blog except for Facebook and kids online games for more than a week.  Or something went wrong with my Maxis Prepaid Broadband...I have used up all its 1.5GB yet I still have like 10 days before it expires.  The guy said I could use it up to its expiration date, so??  Ohhh please...I am not so into this "connection+broadband+network" thingy ... so it is always trial and error for me...

And just a few minutes ago, I just felt like clicking at my blog address...and it is!  I could access to my blog again...sigh!!!  Alhamdulillah...with Allah's will, all is possible.  Still a question remained..."How did it happened?"
I hope the connection is kind enough to let me 'breathe' let me 'download' so many stuffs that I have stored in my 'CPU'..

Oh yes, before I just a few days, Muslims in Malaysia will begin fasting as Ramadhan is appearing soon.  Alhamdulillah, after 2 years I managed to experience the fasting month here in Malaysia again as before, something that I do miss so much. I will write more about Ramadhan in my next entry, InsyaALLAH.