Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We've been reading in the newspapers about the oil prices, fuel prices diesel and what not lately especially when the time the fuel dropped from RM2.70 till now it reaches RM1.80 per litre. So what is about it?? And today in the newspaper entitled:

"Harga minyak kekal sehingga hujung Januari" me I am not an economic or even the political type of person even I do teach what?? like 15% of economic issues during the lectures to the students...but that is merely academic-based. To me personally, the title above does not tick me at know why?? it is the Malaysia's tag line! The so-called 'authorized party ' has periodically promises tons of Malaysian-citizen-friendly remarks and statement every time a crisis occur... 'blame it on the rain'(blame on others!.)..some people said!
"Penurunan harga itu merupakan kali ketujuh dilaksanakan kerajaan sejak Ogos lalu sejajar dengan penurunan harga minyak mentah di pasaran." The article further reports the above. Malaysia should be doing this ever since Malaysia is established...have you ever notice this?? The WORLD is doing this ever since colonial I supposed! But when an immediate economic-crisis collide the Asia and Malaysia particularly...and of course when Malaysia has now have the 2/3rd of the opponents...the government becomes dumbfound! Now everything is like "okay...we do this as what others are doing out there!" "take a look at the world market price" bla...bla...bla... It wasn't like the last time. Everything was in disguise, with excuses and speculations. Only now you talk about the "world"??? Mawi dah lama "world"!
"Menurut beliau, kementeriannya mencadangkan supaya penanda aras itu ditetapkan pada kadar di antara RM1.80 dan RM1.90 seliter.
The above is rather interesting. A benchmark??!! Since when fuel prices gets benchmark? Can't anybody see the clearly misunderstood of world economic... I am not an expert but since fuel values fluctuates based on the world's demand, who are we to set a benchmark of our own??? Definitely it will be against what the government is supposed to believe at present...the world prices!! Kalau Amerika yang cakap...boleh la
We could on the other hand set a control measure or let the economic experts (unambigiously not me!) in the country to create a 'tool' that may warn us of any severeity that would affect us here in Malaysia...that's all. Work it all out on that matter. So do not promise uncertainty to us...period!


en_me said...

hi akak nj itteww.. don mare mare one uoolsss..

nj said...

marah tak....geram ajerr.