Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today (Friday, April 27) is Hadeed's 2nd birthday and yes we share the same birthday fact just a few days apart.  Actually, we did not exactly have a plan for his birthday party ...still we had a 'party' :-) 

Remember I wrote in the earlier entry..we were supposed to be at a friend's house for a lunch on Friday afternoon.  Unfortunately, Nadiyah sent me a message yesterday saying that she had to cancel off the invitation because her daughter was ill and needed to visit the hospital a few times today (Friday) for her asthma treatment. 

We were left clueless as of what to do with Hadeed's birthday that falls today (Friday) ... we only planned to bring a cake over Nadiyah's house and celebrated it there...I felt that it would be nice to bring over a homemade cake for the lunch...since she has canceled off the lunch event, we had a change of plan.

This morning, buat jugalah chocolate cake purposely for Hadeed's unplanned party (and this morning still tak ada idea apa nak buat dengan cake tu...hihihi).

After the Jumaat prayer, I suggested to Haswadi that we have a picnic at the park and we'll bring the choc cake along.  Tapi tak syok la satu family kami I asked Haswadi if I can call up a few friends yang nearby our house (sector) to join.  Haswadi said yes.  So the plan begins and by 2.30 p.m just now...we started calling a few friends already.  Tapi takkan cake sebijik je we bought one big barrel of KFC, McDonald's Happy Meal for the kids and some cheese burgers. 

All of a sudden a party was organised ..  call sana, call sini...Alhamdulillah, terima kasih ye pada teman-teman yang sudi hadir ala 'bidan terjun' ke majlis mini Hadeed tadi.  Sempat juga ada yang membawa pizza, drinks dan snacks for the kids...Alhamdulillah, terima kasih.  

Selamat harijadi Hadeed..ummi doakan agar Hadeed membesar menjadi anak yang soleh, yang sayang dan kasih kepada ibubapa, adik beradik dan semua. Comellah Hadeed nih :-D
 Hadeed and abang Haikal...walaupun Haikal suka menyakat Hadeed, tapi kalau nak bermain cari abang Haikal gak
 Ala kadar je sambutannya...semuanya main terjah...hihihi

 Hadeed and the girls...Nya, Nadhrah dan Aminah
 Ummi dan teman yang berjaya dijemput mengejut...hihih...jangan serik tau...
 Bapa-bapa yang memeriahkan mini party Hadeed...


shila suhaimi said...

How sweet~ Happy Birthday Hadeed!

nj said...

Thanks angah is your studies? All the best!