Friday, November 14, 2008


I am on a 'fever' now...oh this 'facebook' thing really helpful... It is so like down the memory lane and events of the pasts 'pop' out of my head just like that. It so good to 'see' my long-time-no-see friends especially from the school years. I hope I managed to get in touch with the rests soon. Not forgetting during the ITM years! You guys just so wonderful.
I am just nobody but someone with all the memoirs of all the encounters. When I go back to my hometown in Sentul especially when passing by at the Sekolah Menengah Convent Sentul...I will always... without fail! take a glimpse at it thinking that my eyes would fall on someone just somebody that I've known...
Know what...this name 'Thavamalar' remains fresh in my I wish I get to know how she's like now... Oh I always enjoy talking to her with all her stories with her dialect and stuff!
Another friend of mine Christina Paul Raj...where are you girl?
Anyone heard about Christina Lee May Kuan. She lived in Kepong last time. I still can recall her face. We were together since primary school. I know her mother well too because she used to wait at the school gate (Convent primary)everyday and whenever I was on duty (was a prefect!) at the gate, her mother would come to me and ask for her. The last time I saw Christina was when she appeared in The Stars many many years ago...I could not remember what year...she was suffering leukimia... and her article was about how she tried to get people to help her out something like that... I did contacted The Stars editorial and managed to get her number... I tried to call her up and no one answered?? I hope she is fine now... If anyone of you out there happens to know what happens to her now...please please let me an update will ya!
What else?? Ehmmm... I am also looking for Jazila Jailer...Beryl would remember her well..she sang well and used to perform in the school concerts. But she left Convent Sentul before form five, because the parents moved to another state/city??
I still do remember Siti Aida Yusof...the last time met her at Norhani Etty's wedding in Gombak..
Azura...the netball idea where she is?
And know what, I've heard a news years back about one of the 'Mrs Gomez' teacher who had passed away... teacher at the Convent primary school...we had V. Gomez and another one Gomez...don't know which Gomez actually.
These are just some 20 years back of memories that I still keep, visually, luckily my brain works really well at this.
till then...