Thursday, November 13, 2008


It is raining heavily outside..and the time is 11.36p.m. The children have gone to sleep and I am on my computer posting blog entries after a few days off from it.
Haswadi is already away...he sounds very happy over there despite some 'teenee-weenee' little things which are not up to his expectation. We have been 'sms-ing' so plenty times since he left. Of course there are a lot of new things to he's got a lot of stories...
As for far quite okay, even though I still feel a little pain at the ankle due to plenty of movements that I've made these few days. But I am on some tradtional should be alright, InsyaAllah.
Life now .. the kids sometimes are O.K and at other times are K.O... sabar banyak-banyak aje ni. Kerenah anak-anak yg kadangkala menghiburkan dan boleh jadi mengecewakan!
Counting days??? Yes, I am also counting days to be together with Haswadi or should I say counting days Haswadi will be with all of us (sounds better!) Till then there are just so many things that I am waiting for right now, the approval of my CTG (cuti tanpa gaji) from UiTM Dungun and UiTM Malaysia (HQ). Another thing that I am eager is to know who would be the new coordinator for the B. OSM program.
Anyhow the rain is still pouring outside...the night is getting deeper and darker..
Tomorrow will just be another day ... another usual day for us. Since it has been raining quite a while here in Dungun, I have had no plan or anything for the kids other than watching TV together whenever I have free time... or shall I finish up my story books and let the kids enjoy doing whatever they plan to do tomorrow.
I have my plan too actually. I would love to replace the living room curtain before the Aidiladha.. that means I have to go out and shop!...with the kids? for curtains?? No way!.. I'll have to get the tailor to the house and 'shop' from home..