Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NORMA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?? uhuhukkk kasi chance la...my few last moments at UiTM!

what are you writing norma? resignation letter ke?
still jotting down a few things to do after this...
a smile of 'victory!'
For the past few days I was at work....what? Is your ankle alright already? Yes, alhamdulillah I can walk again...but of course a little bit slower than before...a little bit more careful this time!
The first day I climbed up the stairs...took ages to reach to the second floor (my previous office room). Now I have moved to the first floor the new office room, just for temporary, because very soon the new office room will be occupied by the new coordinator. However, I managed to get a few snapshots of the new room which I arranged and organized for the past few days...
It is so important that I capture the moments before I am off to KSA...InsyaAllah.
To the new coordinator...take a good care of the room because it belongs to B. OSM program now!
After two years struggling to get the coordinator's room for the program, I managed to get one. Thank you to the TPHEA for granting us the new room. Although I will no longer be the coordinator, but I am so much relief because B. OSM is now 'well-established' in its new 'environment' ... sigh!...for good..as long the program stays alive and growing...InsyaAllah.


Neeza Shahril said...

Salam Norma..

mintak unpaid leave or resign terus?
bila akan tiba disini?

nj said...


Tu la..happy nengok dia happy!
Norma ambil unpaid leave 3 tahun dulu...InsyaAllah February 2009 kut...depends on the process dan preparation Haswadi gak...Nak wat gathering lagike? InsyaAllah norma mesti join punye nanti!