Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DUTCH LADY...and the thirst of milk!

Pardon me, this is not a free-commercial or I'll get anything free from Dutch Lady!...nothing like that. Just wanted to show how much important this brand to our family.
This morning while reading the newspaper, I came across a small article on DUTCH LADY!. A group of researchers from UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia) is doing a RM500,000 funded research/survey on the nutritious content of DUTCH LADY products on children mental development. I found it very interesting and definitely so relevant to us at home. I knew it that we've always choose the best when it comes to food choices and brands! Surely I want to know the findings of that research and how it can benefit other people as well when choosing a brand of nutritional products.
At our home Dutch Lady is the most preferred brand than other dairy products we have in the market when it comes to milk consumption. FRESH MILK is our favorite along with the chocolate flavored (Luthfil's) and Strawberry flavored (Nadhrah's) milk that the kids consume once in a while. But the Fresh Milk is a must in our fridge at all times. Haikal is still on his SUSTAGEN JUNIOR 3+! Once in a while he drinks those too. I've tried other brands like Nestle, Magnolia, Goodday and a few other local brands but DUTCH LADY has always been the top-most preferred milk.
What I like the most with its Fresh Milk is it really tastes FRESH!.. Doesn't taste so milky or smell cowly! And quite often I use it also in my recipes such as the caramel pudding, bread pudding, macaroni n cheese and of course on cereals. The best is when I use it to make the caramel pudding...emmm yummie. And you'll never felt guilty at all even if you finished all the 1-litre recipe of caramel pudding by yourself with DUTCH LADY Fresh Milk! emmm...you and the kids of course.


Neeza Shahril said...

neeza memang suka minum susu.. anak2 pun suka, especially fresh milk. Kalau ada flavor tu suka jugak.. kat sini susu murah Alhamdulillah.. hari2 boleh minum fresh milk.. tapi brand Dutch lady, takdelah pulak.. sini yang famous Almarai..

nj said...

baru je nak tanya brand apa ada kat Jubail tu. Haswadi kalau tanya siap gi ambik gambar satu2 kat pasaraya, takut saya tak percaya cerita dia. Thanks neeza...lega dengar susu murah kat sana tu. Almarai ye...nanti norma cari...mesti sedap gak buat puding-puding tu...emmmm

en_me said...

ingatkan susu cap gantung lagi baik untuk bayi.. kerr me silap dengar.. uhuhu

nj said...

susu cap gantung tu dalam tempoh tertentu je...le ni expired dah!