Monday, December 1, 2008

THE FAREWELL...shedding tears!

The meeting went very well, except a few little issues regarding the students performance and also the lecturers!...emmmm
Thank you so much to the faculty for organizing a farewell session right after the meeting, basically lunch together like what we occasionally do after more eat!
The chairperson whom happened to be Suffian my KP partner, gave out some speech recalling the 'normawati' experiences, achievements, the good things of course...and how I am so 'fast' with everything....actually Suffian...I am not fast guys yang so darn slow!....just kidding suffian!
And then PM Ismail gave out his own version of 'normawati'...I was so touched! Why? I hope he was that right PMI?
Like I've written in one of my entries on the ups and downs that I've went through to 'refresh' the faculty, to motivate the students, to get all faculty members actively participating in the campus activities...and others...

I used to stay up at the office till late 12.00 a.m. just to get things in order...the students matters, the staffs matters and other related tasks!

I used to keep coming back to the office even during weekends, where most of you out there happily enjoying time with the kids at kids had to stay at home and watched me walked out of the door to the office on weekend morning! cruel ummi!...I am so sorry guys...that was also part of my know la...UiTM DIHATIKU!

And just before the 'accident', I was actively involved in the team building activities organized by the MOULDER TaCC(Motivational, Outdoor, Leadership Training & Consultancy)..a group formed informally by PM Mejar Ustaz Zaid Ngah..a very prominent person at UiTM Terengganu. I began to love what he is doing with the team and has been involved together as one of his team members. I've met people from all backgrounds, school children, UiTM other members etc...
I really wish that one day Ustaz Zaid would materialize MOULDER TaCC and formally register the team at UiTM.. wishing you all the best! I also hope that you would find more lecturers joining the team and contribute to the right that is exactly what we the lecturers are supposed to do apart from teaching and stuffs. Getting ourselves involved with people, intellectually contributing to the communities and definitely educating people on the importance of being educated, self-disciplined, the best ummah on earth, and the importance of being the real person!

But I am pretty sure that I am going to miss all those days soon. Some say that I am a workaholic!...true .. I would agree! I would answer them by saying that is what being passionate all about. I love my job...I have passion and surely patience at my work. I considered myself as a very committed person in whatever that I do.

All in all, syukur to Allah swt, for all His blessings especially in achieving all my dreams... Allah has given me all the opportunities and that I would never wasted it. Alhamdulillah I would surely hope that I will have a happy ending and some sort of leaving behind my 'legacies'... for the others to follow, to improve, to meet with more successes!
Like one quote that I've had, "Success is when you find the path that never used by others!"

So till then...


.fatin nabila. said...

it's true, u're one of the best lecturer @ uitm..
tegas tp ada lembutnya..

xtau either u still remember or not, u xbg we all pg class guna jeans, sy n sufiah trus xjd masuk kelas, n tunggu pn kt depan library smpai la habis kelas, br jumpa pn, pk² balik, pn garang kot, :p -

nay, kidding only, lol..

p/s : idea - buat la satu cbox @ shoutbox, senang nk leave msg or chat ke.

nj said...

fatin...saya memang ingat sangat insiden seluar jeans tu...tapi rasanya hati saya tak sampai nak halau pelajar keluar kelas...mulut je bising..tapi nak wat camane...awak ngan sufi tu betul takut kut!...kelakar kan?