Thursday, December 4, 2008

The time is 12.30 midnight. I could not usual...when I am badly tired or fatigue...I could not sleep...I mean getting an early sleep, even I have flipped my pillow several times to get the colder side...but it failed! So what did I do during the day?? nak story nih... Like I've written before, if I come down to KL, I would what else shopping le...... It has been two-days in a row that I went out shopping. Limping left leg definitely is not an excuse for me to be 'wild' out there...Actually I just went to only two malls but I felt that I've spent a lot already...never mind norma! is time to 'pay' you dear. So I spent at Ariyani (the tudung boutique) which my kak long bragging about before...she took me there and wallah! Bought 5 different colors of tudung...the most easiest, less time, ironless tudung of course! They are so manageable, fit and marvellous! I bought myself black, dark blue, dark brown, light grey and stripy turquoise and brown in-one. I bought a pair shoe from SCHOLL. Bought two blouses from Ms Read, 4 blouses from FYi, Bought dresses from PONEY for my daughter and my niece, a few collared shirts from PONEY and MIKI only...OSH KOSH? next time pulak la. It should be the raya treat for the little ones from mak usu!
My skyping activity with dearest hubby goes on really well too. I get to talk to my husband almost every night now. We'd talked for like two-hours each time...including call-dropped time and pause for solat time.
I am so relieved to hear him happy with life at Jubail City. He's been to places around the town like to the market, the malls, the mosque and the streets of course! Tomorrow, Friday he'll be going to a big city near by, Al Khobar, with most of his Malaysian friends. They'll be getting 9-days public holiday in a row for the Eidul Adha. And of course he would be spending most of the days at the apartment I guess. Anyway, enjoy life dear! Behave and be nice!
My next personal plan would be ... getting my hair straightened...what? yes 'rebonding' time...see...this time around I am really enjoying myself...and of course spending money like 'wisely' (an alternative way of saying 'crazy' because then I really feel guilty if I use the word crazy!)! 4 months for not been doing the time has come!
So till then...


Cik Peesha said...

wah wah .,.. really enjoying yourself, huh?

Dan, semakin improve blog mu ... eh, cemana ko buat? nak letak kat mana template tu?