Friday, December 5, 2008


Like it or not? After a few hours googling, blog hoping and is my 'new look' I've managed to download it from a site through "BLOGGER TEMPLATES"... to me .. it is soooo cheerful, so colorful yet the color blends very well here... Umm I should credit the creator of this template...but I forgot the author...later I will write here.
Actually this template is the second in my list of template choices...I could not download it at html so I went to the second in the list. It was quite interesting looking out for the 'challenging' I supposed...why? the answer is very could not make your decision...when you have tons of it in front of you....urghhhhhh! That means I have to create more blogs so that I can pick all the templates that I like!
Unfortunately, when you used this would loose a few items in your blog like your links and your better save or download your blog somewhere else...or another quick way to save what u already have (partially) is to always preview before saves your time and helps you make your mind easily... I realize that it takes a lot of patience and decision making in blogging...for example like for myself...even if I've 'written' a long entry that is so darn does not mean that I will put it up on my blog...the reason being is that I COULD NOT MAKE UP MY MIND!...whether to let others know about it or not.
Of late, I've been thinking of this blogging activities...does blogging actually depicts what you feel, what you think and what you say transparently??
I've visited numbers of blogs throughout my 'journey' (and that is why you see I've only got a small number of entries only...hahahaaaaa....always 'sibuk-king' other peoples' work!)
So I thought, 'BLOG ETIQUETTE' should be present in the bloggers' mind every time putting in entries! I have also seen blogs in which the blogger(s) got carried away with their stuffs...funny when reading things that people put up on their blogs...hei...what the heck?? It is a 'free country!' anyway!...but if it is of RPK (Raja Petra)...then you'll be in trouble! ISA anyone?
There I go...I prefer not to discuss about 'heavy' stuffs...but see! as I go further... I myself got carried away too!
Recalling about making up my mind...pardon me if the next time around you would see a different template altogether.... come on norma! hurry up! the new year is around! make your choice dear!
Till later...


.fatin nabila. said...
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.fatin nabila. said...

blog sy, kadang² ada isu yg mcm² jgk..
terngata, termarah org, tersentuh topic yg xpatut..
tp, if banding dgn blog politician, lg la..
bg sy, asalkan entri itu tidak menghentam pd satu pihak shj, boleh di ambil kira lagi..

nway, cantik template ni, 3 column pny..

nj said...

ok ke fatin? mula2 nampak ok...tengok lagi...serabut plak...tapi awk jgn terkejut....ia akan bertukar lagi...heheheee tak de keje la ni!
tapi saya masih suka juga template br ni...